Once upon a time the house 25

Anyone who sees this house from the outside will not imagine what they will find inside.

25, was formerly “Casinha do Ferro” because it was a small iron warehouse in an old workshop that was dedicated to the art of working with this raw material. After being free of this use, it was also the stage for several parties of large groups of friends over several generations.

Today, after a thorough rehabilitation, we transformed this space into a house with a double bedroom, bathroom, living room (with sofa bed) and open-space kitchen (all rooms equipped with high energy efficiency AC). The large ceiling height in robust white wooden beams, contrasts with the burnt cement floor, with different shades, this technique is widely used in the region. All spaces are connected to a small outdoor patio, suitable for outdoor meals, or to read a good book while breathing the pure and fragrant air that comes from Serra do Mendro.